This year we are excited to start Bishop Verot's 5th year of beach volleyball. This year's beach team consists of a total of 16 players and 13 starters.

This year's team consists of 16 players; Caroline, Marisa, Sophia, Grace, Jane, Jules, Brooke, Lyndsey, Ella, Morgan, Taylor, Ava, Diana, Milla, Sylah, and Analia.

The coach is Kelly core who also coached indoor volleyball earlier this year. She said that she is most excited to see all of the girl’s improvements through the season.

The first game of the season is February 6th to March 29th depending on if the team makes it to state. Most of the games will be in March and the girls practice in downtown Fort Myers at the Skatium.

Coach Kelly said that she is excited about all of the games. She also said the hardest team the girls will be playing is Cardinal Mooney. We wish good luck to the girls and hope they have a great season.