The Varsity Girls lacrosse 2021 season is starting up. The team is hoping to come back better
than ever after their season was cut short last year due to COVID. Since last season, many
things have been changed up including the coach, equipment and roster.
During last years season, they ended the season with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. They
have high hopes at ending this year with a better record. 7 high-scoring seniors graduated from
the team, so this year most of the team are freshman. They have a new coach this year, Coach
Hulbert. Coach Hulbert coached at Estero last year and is also currently the coach of the FGCU
girls team. The team has also received new helmets, skirts, jerseys, shooting shirts and socks.
We met up with a few of the girls to ask a few questions. The first girl we met up with was Alexia
Kramer, a junior lacrosse player. This is her second year on the team, and she seemed happy
without how the preseason training was going so far. Alexia decided to step up this year and
train as the back up goalie in case the goalie couldn’t play. When I asked Alexia how she felt
about this year she says “I’m very excited for this upcoming season. The team is so young and
they’re progressing so fast and the captains are amazing players.” The coach describes Alexia
as a great leader and a happy-go-lucky player.
Another person we met up with is Lily Murnane. Lily is a freshman lacrosse player. This is her
first year ever playing, luckily her brother is on the varsity boys team, so he inspired her to start
playing. Lily is a great person to talk to about lacrosse, because she picked up the game very
fast and like most players had just started. When I asked Lily about her fast learning skills she
states, “I always played soccer growing up, and I wanted to get into a spring sport, and I come
to find out that lacrosse is just like soccer.” Due to her fitness and speed she is a midfielder. Lily
Murnane is definitely someone teams should be looking out for in competition!
The last person we talked to today was Sophia Maitz. Sophia is another Freshman on the
lacrosse team. Sophia has played before, but not in a few years. I’m the interview she said that
she got back in the swing of things very quickly. Sophia was unsure about her skill level and
trying out, but once she got the courage to get out there, she saw the welcoming environment.
Our lacrosse program has taken major growth in the past few years, and hopefully soon we will
be able to even build a JV team. When I asked her about advice she would give to upcoming
freshman or people that were new to the sport she said “Just go out there and try it. Everyone is
very nice and welcoming, and the coach is all about having fun with it.”