Track season last year was cut very short due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some highlights of last year's season were the 4x100 team beating the school record. Tequon Chatman, a graduate of the class of 2020, Malik Curtis (Senior), Tyree Cherry, and Chris Graves (Junior). They ran the 4x100 in  42.84 and came in first place for it in the Palmetto Ridge track meet last year. Before they could take that team any further last year their season was cut short.  

For the girls, their season wasn’t long either, but a highlight would’ve been 2 years ago in 2019. For the girls that are still attending Verot from the 4x100 team in 2019. Jasmine Simpson (Junior),  Analise Lewis (Class of 2019), Ella Sarnac (Senior), and Sam Muller (Class of 2019). These girls made it to the states last year for their 4x100. In the end, they placed 15th in the race with a time of  50.60. Jasmine Simpson said it was one of her favorite memories from the track when she was in her freshman year. 

Now starting their 2021 season, hoping to make it through without having to be quarantined. They took a trip to North Port on February 18th, 2021. The girls 4x100 now has two new people Trinity  Thomas (Freshman) and Geri Herrera (Sophomore), Jasmine Simpson, and Ella Sarnac are still in this 4x100. At their first meet, these girls ran the 4x100 in 53.98. A girl to keep our eye on this season is Geri Herrera she got 2nd place in the 4x100 and the 4x400 at the Bobcat Relay. She feels as if this is her season this year, and it sure looks like it! 

For the boys, a thrower is making his mark! Wyatt Whalen is a thrower and he throws Discus and  Shot Put. At the Bobcat Relay, he threw 33.33 meters with the discus. That converted to 109 feet! He got second overall for the discus.  

We’ll see what new things happen this season for Track and Field!