September 18th, 2020.

Friday night our Vikings took on the Vikings of Lakeland Christian school. 

The game began with #3 Bo Copen kicking the ball to the 18 yard line. With 8:14 minutes in the  first quarter, #4 Jaelin Willis ran for a 3 yard touchdown, which #8 Malik Curtis followed up on  with the 2 point conversion. With only 0:58 seconds left in the first quarter, #3 Bo Copen ran for a  3 yard touchdown with a failed 2 point conversion.

Second-quarter began with a score of 8 to 6  for Verot, but not for long. With 9:57 minutes left in the second half, #16 Jacob Azizi decided to run to the Vikings 49 which ended up with 0 yards because he fumbled the ball. #58 Tico Ahumada recovered this fumble which led to a Lakeland Christian touchdown. #3 Bo Copen tried to run for the two-point conversion but ended up being no good. We ended up going into the 3rd  quarter with a 12 to 8 lead for Lakeland Christian.

As the end of the 3rd quarter was approaching,  #16 Jacob Azizi wanted to redeem himself. With 0:23 seconds left #16, Jacob Azizi ran for an 8-yard touchdown with a failed two-point conversion run by #11 Jadon Humphries. 4th quarter began with a score of 12 to 14 lead for Verot, but this changed before we could even be 1 minute into the quarter. With 11:38 minutes left in the 4th quarter, #1 Cori Davis ran for a 46-yard touchdown which proceeded into #15 Elijah Hunter running for the 2 point conversion, putting  Lakeland Christian in the lead with a 20 to 14 score. Verot was not giving up yet, with 5:46  remaining on the clock, #24 Andrew Kelton ran a 14-yard touchdown and an extra point by #15  Deaglan Camron. The score was 21 to 20 with a Verot lead but neither team was giving up.

With only 0:41 seconds left Lakeland Christian decided to go for a 38-yard field goal. This field goal would determine the winner of this game... The whistle is blown, #27 Jeremiah Stewart proceeds to kick, and it is blocked by #32 Ty Whiteman!

This was another win for the Vikings with a score of 21 to 20.

Now for the game leaders, starting with Lakeland Christian. Pass: #15 Elijah Hunter:  5-15, 28 yards, and 0 touchdowns. Rush: #1 Cori Davis: 16 carries,121 yards, and 1 touchdown.  Receiving: #3 Bo Copen: 1 received, 13 yards, and 0 touchdowns. Now for the game leaders for  Bishop Verot. Pass: #16 Jacob Azizi: 13-22, 178 yards, and 1 touchdown. Rush: #24 Andrew  Kelton: 25 carries, 144 yards, and 1 touchdown. Receiving: #18 Carson Powers: 4 receives, 73  yards, and 0 touchdowns. This week Lakeland Christian has a bye week, but Bishop Verot will be taking on Chaminade-madonna at Vikings stadium. Great job to both teams, and good luck with future games.