Verot comes off a tough loss to Trinity Catholic.

Carter Smith did not have the best game have two turnovers. On the defensive side was maybe even worse allowing more than 40 points and two long touchdowns. Trinity Catholic had over 500 yards compared to 312 yards for Verot. However, they were some good things to the game. Carter Smith had over 300 passing yards compared to Trinity Catholics 189 passing yards.

Bishop Verot now has a tough test to face being 3-3. They will play a 6-0 FBA that has looked strong all year. Verot will have to pull off a big win to get playoff advantage at home for this years upcoming playoff. However, FBA looks like a tough team to beat their quarterback for over 1300 yards. Ty Keller has had 21 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. He has a 18.5 yard average per throw. He also has 139.5 QBR  which is very good.

This FBA team is a more pass heavy team. They only have 567 rushing yards and have more play action passing than anything. Verot on the other is a more run heavy team. Averaging more 3 yards a carry. Carter Smith has to have a good game if Verot wants to win. He needs to take the safe option and limit the opportunities for turnovers. Verot also needs to limit the amount of big plays. Verot allowed 4 plays of more than 30 yards against Trinity Catholic. 

Final score prediction 

Verot: 31

FBA: 24