The Verot softball team beat Lehigh 10-1 last Wednesday, on February 24, 2021. The girls did really well in their game. One girl, in particular, was Victoria Ash, the pitcher, she is only a sophomore and a great pitcher. She got most of the girls on Lehigh to strikeout. She also hit a home run which put Verot at 5-0 during the game.

Verot was also good at outfield, they got a lot of the Lehigh girls out by their skills and quickness. Fifth inning Verot had loaded bases then their number 8, Courtney Teeter, hits the ball, and three girls made it to home base and she made it to second. This put Verot at 8-0. The highlight of the softball game was definitely Victoria Ash’s home run. That scored the Verot girls 3 points in their game.