This week our Bishop Verot Vikings travel to take on the Clearwater Maruders. The Vikings are on a two game win streak but are coming off a bye week hopefully coming off well rested and ready for a tough battle. Verot has progressively gotten better throughout the season and comeback many times. However, Verot has a tough challenge ahead of them. Clearwater has a 6-3 record and is coming of a two game win streak. There best player is #3 who is a wide receiver and #4 corner back. They are a run heavy team and utilizes play action when they need to throw. Verot is also a run heavy team but, also has a strong short pass game. If Verot wins this game Verot shall gain a bye next week. However, if we lose we will play the sixth seed. Verot would like to get another bye week to rest up for the postseason. Verot also has all starters this week first time this season.