SARASOTA, Fla.-  On Friday, our Verot Vikings traveled to Sarasota to take on the Cougars of Cardinal Mooney at Austin Smithers Stadium.

FIRST QUARTER: As the game started, the Verot Vikings were determined to put the first points on the board. With 8:48 left in the first quarter, Deaglan Camron kicked a 22 yard field goal putting the Vikings up 3-0. Soon after, the Cougars responded. Cardinal Mooney’s running back ran for a 1 yard touchdown, which followed by an extra point made by Pierse Stainton. With only 27 seconds left, Jacob Azizi completed a pass to Carson Powers who ran for a 4 yard touchdown. The touchdown was followed by the extra point made by Deaglan Camron. This put the Vikings up at the end of the first quarter, 10-7.

SECOND QUARTER: The second quarter started slowly, as neither team was able to gain an advantage. With 4:04 left in the second quarter, Pierse Stainton kicked a 40-yard field goal to tie the game. Then, with 3:00 left, the Cougars added another touchdown to take a 17-10 lead. Soon after, with only 2:29 left, Jacob Azizi completed a pass to Tyree Cherry who ran for a 67 yard touchdown. An attempted two-point conversion was no good, leaving Mooney ahead 17-16. As halftime approached, Deaglan Camron kicked a 25 yard field goal with only 20 seconds left. This put the score at 19-17 at the end of the second quarter.

THIRD QUARTER: The third quarter started fast for both teams. With 7:57 left, Tayven Clark threw a pass to Cooper Flerlage, who ran for 18 yard touchdown. After the extra point, Cardinal Mooney led 24-19. On the next drive, the Vikings decided it was their turn. Jacob Azizi passed to Chris Graves who ran for a 60 yard touchdown, which was followed by Deaglan Camron’s extra point. This put the score at 26-24 Verot at the end of the third.

FOURTH QUARTER: As the fourth quarter began, the Vikings looked to take over. With 9:17 left, Kerby Joseph ran for a 26 yard touchdown, which was followed by the extra point made by Deaglan Camron. Just 18 seconds later, a pass from Tayven Clark was intercepted by Keon Anderson, who returned it for a Viking touchdown. This was the final score of the game, giving Verot a 40-24 win.

Now for the game leaders of each game starting with the Cougars of Cardinal Mooney.


Tayven Clark: 13-24, 142 yards, one touchdown
Lauriel Trotman: 21 carries, 89 yards, 2 touchdowns
Cameron Heald: 3 receptions, 68 yards


Jacob Azizi: 24-41, 408 yards, three touchdowns
Kerby Joseph: 17 carries, 132 yards, one touchdown
Malik Curtis: 3 receptions, 68 yards 

The Cougars of Cardinal Mooney will next be taking on Clearwater Central Catholic in Clearwater. The Verot Vikings will be taking on the Bobcats of North Port at Verot.